Frequently Asked Questions
Q   Can we have the equipment overnight?
All of the prices for the equipment are based on a daily hire rate. If you require the equipment until the following day, this can be arranged dependant on the unit required. This will incur an additional charge and will be advised at the time of booking.
Q   What happens if it rains?
We can provide cover for certain items on our fleet, but the majority of them do not have shower covers. Once the equipment is booked, you will be responsible for it use regardless of weather conditions. It is a HSE recommendation that inflatable equipment should not be used in wet conditions. Refunds due to adverse weather are entirely at the discretion of Corporatefun and are offered in accordance with the contract terms and conditions.
Q   How do I know I will get a nice clean unit?
All our equipment is inspected after every hire to ensure cleanliness and to check for any damage. We fully service our units every three months by fully steam cleaning every aspect of the equipment.

Click picture to see a unit being cleaned

Q   What if I decide to cancel?

Cancellation prior to one month of the event would hold you liable for the loss of your deposit paid on contracts. Any subsequent cancellation within one month of the contracted booking date would hold you liable for the full contract price unless we were able to rebook the equipment elsewhere (please see Contract Terms).
PLEASE NOTE: Verbal telephone booking contracts are just as legally binding as a written contract awaiting return to our offices.

Q   Does the hire price include delivery?

No. The cost of delivery is based on a mileage rate and is dependant on your exact location.

Q   Do I need to provide an electric socket?

Generally, most items will require a electricity supply. For each inflatable booked we would normally need access to a fixed 13 amp 240 volt wall socket within 50 metres of the site. After this distance, because the voltage drop within the cable becomes to great, we would need to supply generators at an additional cost.

Q   Does somebody have to stay with the unit?

Most units supplied for children's use do not need to be supervised by our staff. Dependant on what you require for adult use, will decide on if staffing has to be provided or not. Units that require supervision are determined by our insurance company.
PLEASE NOTE: Either way, whether you have supervision by our company or not, ALL units must be supervised at ALL times by a responsible adult over the age of 18 years.

Q   I only want the equipment for a couple of hours?

Regardless of the timeframe the equipment is required for, the price per unit is the day rate and no discounts are offered for a shorter hire period. A day is defined as delivered in the morning and collected in the evening.

Q   Do you give discounts to charity?

Generally, no. We work closely with several local charities and these are the only ones we offer discounts to on an annual basis. As you'll appreciate we are a business and will never make a living if we keep giving equipment out for free.

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