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Mega Slide
Approximate size: 20’w x 30’d x 40’h
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £600.00

Brand new unit now available for corporate events.


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Jack In The Box Slide
Approximate size: 13’w x 29’d x 22 ’h
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £250.00
This unit makes a great centrepiece at any event. With a platform height of 13', although it feels higher, you climb the front foam steps to the top before deciding how calm your nerves are before descending.
Spiderman Combo
Approximate size: 22'w x 19'd x 15'h
Suitable for: Children up to 14 years
Hire price: From £70.00

Classic bouncer but with slide attached to left hand side.(Not shown in current picture!) Unit looks similar in design to the Slide Combo below


Princess Combo
Approximate size: 12'w x 18'd x 15'h
Suitable for: Children up to 14 years
Hire price: From £70.00

The Princess Combo is a brand new unit for August 2012 and a proud addition to our hire fleet! Includes and integrated shower/sun cover and a front facing slide, this princess themed unit is already proving to be popular with girls nationwide.


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Slide Combo
Approximate size: 22’w x 19’d x 15’h
Suitable for: Children up to 13 years
Hire price: From £70.00

An absolutely fantastic unit that combines bouncing with sliding. Has all the benefits of a traditional bouncer but also the added bonus of a slide to the side. The slide is entered via the bouncer and the rider then exits the unit from the left side. Although new, this unit is proving to be a fantastic hit with private functions.


F1 Wedge Slide - NEW
Approximate size: 18'w x 18'd x 15'h
Suitable for: Children up to 14 years
Hire price: From £95.00

This unit is designed to be used as a race between two opponents with the winner being the first one to reach the base of the slide. Whether it's free standing or as part of the Knockout Assault Course, this Formula 1 themed unit is sure to give people the drive to get up and race!


All sizes for the inflatable's given are approximate and should not be
taken as being the maximum unit dimensions. Corporatefun will not be
held responsible for the delivery of a unit that will not fit the site.
You will still be charged for the hire so please check the size of your site area.

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